Blanke Uni Mat ProUncoupling underlayment. - $369.99


Blanke UNI-Mat PRO - Roll 323 sq ft
Also avialable cut per order
UNI-Mat Pro the Universal uncoupling underlayment.
Blanke UNI-Mat PRO are Schluter Ditra are both using a similar underlayment product, still, there are major differences between these two underlayment product systems.
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• Lightweight, labor saving
• Crack isolation (uncoupling)
• Equalize substrate vapor pressure
• Absorption of stress from lateral substrate movement
• Waterproof function
The Blanke UNI-Mat PRO is a durable, lightweight, easy to install underlayment system that saves installation time and labor costs when compared to heavier, more traditional alternatives such as cement board.
The unique circular column design of the polyethylene sheeting and the fleece scrim underside give the Blanke UNI-Mat PRO superior absorption properties for stress caused by multidirectional lateral substrate movement.
These same properties make the Blanke UNI-Mat PRO a suitable system for bridging tension cracks in cement substrates.
The voids on the underside of the mat abound the circular columns neutralize pressure caused by substrate moisture vaporization.
The top mesh provides a more tenacious bond with the tile and a stable working surface.
Substrate must be clean flat and load bearing. Trowel a more liquid than normal mix of thinset mortar onto the substrate.
Using a vinyl roller or flat side of the trowel, press the cut sections into the thinset so that the fabric on the underside absorbs the thinset and any air bubbles are eliminated. Using the flat side of the trowel, fill in the cavities on the surface of the mat with a normal mix of thinset. Set tile using a normal mix of thinset and a trowel appropriate for the type of tile and traffic exposure. (Read the detailed Blanke•UNI-Mat PRO Installation Instructions prior to installing this product).
Typical Applications:
Blanke UNI-Mat PRO is an ideal alternative to backer board underlayment used in interior residential and light commercial
tiled floor applications over wood substrates.
The Blanke UNI-Mat PRO can also be used as an underlayment for tile applications on concrete where vapor transmission and stress cracks can be a problem.
Suitable Substrates (for ceramic tile):
Plywood and OSB (Exterior Glue only)
• 16” o.c. joist spacing, minimum subfloor thickness: 5/8”
• 19.2” o.c. joist spacing, minimum subfloor thickness: 3/4”
• 24” o.c. joist spacing, minimum subfloor thickness: double layer 3/4” + 3/8” panels Substrate deflection must not exceed L/360 for tile a and L/720 for stone

Concrete subfloors (including those with stress cracks and those cured less than 28 days) Substrates covered with stone, tile and vinyl (consult thinset manufacturer instructions)
Floor heating systems (consult Blanke installation instructions)
Technical Data:

Thickness: approx. 4 mm (approx. 1/8 inch)
Weight: approx. 550 g/m2 (approx. 1.8 ounces/sq. ft.); 36.3 lbs per roll
Water resistance: waterproof
Fabric material: Polypropylene fleece
Mat material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) with circular cavities
Mesh: High-density polyethylene (twisted strands) heat bonded to plastic mat.
Color: Plastic Mat: blue Fabric: white
How to Install Blanke Uni Mat Pro
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