Marble Round shelf Ready to Tile for Recess - $89.99


Marble Round shelf for Ready to Tile Recess

Marble round shelf - Botticino (Beige)
Marble round shelf for model IFC304 - IFC305 - IFC302 - IFC301
IFC-304 - 6 possible ways to install.
IFC-305 - 4 possible ways to install.
IFC-302 - 1 possible way to install.
IFC-301 - 2 possible ways to install.
2 Colors available White and Beige (Botticino)
those marble shelves will fit in many combinations with our popular preformed ready to tile Recess
Pictures showin is a rough recess ready to tile

Easy, Waterproof, Worry Free. The difference is CLEAR.
The “Anywhere” Solution
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