Pail GliderMaterial Bucket Glider - $18.99


Pail Glider - Material Bucket Glider
Introducing sale price $18.99
Perfect for paint, grout, thinset, wall mud, tools & more!!
The Pail Glider was built with unique architecture to provide a simple solution for transporting a heavy 5 gallon bucket. Just insert your bucket into the Pail Glider and you will instantly be relieved of carrying a heavy bucket while painting or tiling. The Pail Glider effortlessly glides over wood floors, tiled floors, carpet and tarps. The first time you use your Pail Glider you will be amazed how much easier your job has become!
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The Pail Glider is designed and manufactured by LeeVal Inc. for industry professionals and the everyday "do-it-yourself" handyman.

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