Anti slip – slip protection by Tile grip and Gla - $1


Glaze n Seal Tile-Grip Anti Slip
Grip 'N Seal Anti Slip Additive 15oz
Glaze 'N Seal's Grip 'N Seal is a unique micron zed polymer which when mixed with a coating type sealer or paint creates a textured, slip resistant surface without a sharp abrasive finish. Use on driveways, patios, garage floors, walkways, steps and pool areas.
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StoneDefender Aerosol Grout Sealer can be applied to new, damp, uncured or existing grout.
StoneDefender Aerosol Grout Sealer will not interfere with the curing process and actually reduces potential staining while the grout cures.
StoneDefender Aerosol Grout Sealer allows the grout surface to breathe, leaves no hard to remove residue and penetrates deep into the grout to reduce oil and water based stains.
Grip developed to improve the coefficient of friction on walking areas that are slippery when wet. Materials such as: ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, terrazzo, stone, porcelain and smooth concrete can now be safer to walk on.
Floors can be treated without sandpaper like coatings or concern of discoloration.
Tile Grip is also recommended for porcelain bathtubs and showers.
This is an effective treatment that works by creating microscopic pores on the treated surface.
These pores create a vacuum effect when wet, therefore improving traction, reducing slippery conditions and preventing injury from slip and falls.
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