TD ProBoardWaterproof Board - $4.99


TD ProBoard - Waterproof Board
This product sold by linear run and sold in piece of 4' - 8' and 12' feet.
TD Board is a structural material so there is no other plywood, backer boards etc.

TD-PROBOAR is the base of a unique system to form a solid tiled surface to new or existing decks.
Deck Maintenance is a thing of the past with a tiled deck.
Choose the color and design you want for your outdoor living space with a tiled deck.
Create the style and elegance a tiled deck can give you. For a rustic look there are porcelain tiles with a brick or stone finish, or go for elegance with a porcelain tile made to look like marble.
So many attractive options are available almost without limits.
TD.PROBOARD is a structural material so there is no other plywood, backer boards etc.
To install, layout TD.PROBOARD across the joists, clip each section together, use one coated deck screw to screw down each panel on every joist. Each joist is 16” on center.
How difficult is this going to be?
TI.PROBOARD is not at all difficult, but the installation of tile outdoors has to be more detailed than installing tile indoors. We strongly recommend you use the setting materials we specify.
Waterproof system over living accommodation
Most waterproofing systems are available using TD.PROBOARD over living accomodations.
INTERIOR USE - TD ProBoard can applied straight to the floor joist then tile (total thickness is less than 1 inch when using a standard tile. Making the transition from room with carpet to tile almost seamless (carpet will be on a plywood) compared to the standard tile installation of (plywood, subfloor, tile) which would be higher that a carpeted room and would require a “step up” to the tile area

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