DriTac 7500 Eco'Green' Wood Flooring Adhesive - $116


DriTac 7500 Eco - Urethane Premium 'Green' Wood Flooring Adhesive
Dritac Wood Floor Adhesive
DriTac 7500 Eco - Urethane Adhesive has been specially formulated to provide high initial tack, low odor, and excellent permanent adhesion. Once cured, DriTac 7500 Ec-Urethane Adhesive is not affected by exposure to moisture or water. DriTac 7500 Urethane adhesive contains zero (0) V.O.C.?s. It is a trowel applied adhesive with 100% solids and excellent coverage. DriTac 7500 eco-Urethane Adhesive is a water-resistant adhesive which provides some vapor-retarding characteristics to wood flooring installations. Dritac 7500 urethane adhesive is recommended by installers for both residential and commercial installations.
DriTac 7500 Eco - Urethane Adhesive is best when being used with 3 Ply Engineered Plank, 5 Ply Engineered Plank, Wood Parquet, Acrylic Impregnated Wood, Solid Plank flat-milled up to ?", Solid Shorts and Plywood
DriTac 7500 Eco - Urethane Premium 'Green' Adhesive Features & Benefits:

Permanent Bond

High Initial Tack

Contains No Water

100% Solids - Superior Coverage

Solvent Free

Freeze-Thaw Stable


Low Odor


Remains Elastomeric - Responds To Expanding / Contracting Wood

For ?above, on or below? grade installations

DriTac 7500 Eco - Urethane Adhesive Coverage: 50-80 Sq/ft per 1 GAL
DriTac 7500 Eco - Urethane Adhesive Comes in 4 GAL buckets (15.2L)

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