17' Scaffolding Rolling Tower With 2 Hutch Decks - $735



NEW Rolling Scaffolding you can Standing at 17 Feet High.
With 2 Hutch Deck and Guard Rail and Outriggers

New! 1000lb Capacity Industrial Heavy Duty Scaffolding

It's include three set of 6' X 29" Mobile Rolling Scaffolding tower 2 with hutch deck

One set of Guard Rails Safe easy working place.

One set of four Big Outriggers.

It's come with Five boxes easy to carry.

General Purpose Scaffolding for Cleaning, Repairing, Painting and Electrcain.

Heavy Duty Steel Powder Coated frame.

5" inch 360 degree swivel caster wheels makes moving scaffold easy and quick.

Adjustable platform with secure quick release locks.

72" wide x 12' height x 29" deep.

Platform adjusts from 27" to 74" high.

Easy assembly no tools required!

We do include two 74" X 27" wood platform for this scaffold.

We Also Carry BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN USED Scaffold Frames.

3'x6'8" Plaster Snap-on THRU Frame(Coupling pin &RP Included)

5'x6'8" Snap-on THRU Frame(Coupling pin & RP Included)

5'X 5' Snap-on Double Ladder Box Frame (Coupling pin & RP included)

5'X 5' Half Ladder Box Frame (Coupling pin & RP Included)

6' X 7'6 Plaster Snap-on Canopy Frame (Coupling pin & RP included)

We have other frames too. Volume discount rates are available. PLEASE CALL 323-268-2800 or 877-268-1888


We are ready to deliver quality products and dest value to you.

Local pickup is available. Warehouse Location: 1290 Monterey Pass Rd, Monterey Park, CA 91754. Please call first.

We have 12' Standing high for only $535.00

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