NorstarCICS4 Lines Phone System5 Phones - $575


The Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System (CICS) offers from 4 to 8 lines and 8 to 16 telephone extensions.
It supports all Norstar and Business Series telephones, including fully-featured digital functions with LCD and soft keys.
This system comes with one Caller ID trunk card, you can initially connect four
outside lines (adding a 2nd module will add 4 more lines for a total of 8)
processing unit (CICS) model number is: NT7B58AB
The Caller ID Module number: NT5B41GB
The Speaker Phones Model  number is: M7310 and there is a total of 5 units included
This system was installed in our
business which we closed a few months back and have stored since thinking or
reopening while my wife recovered of her stroke.
After some serious consideration we have decided to put the plans on hold for
longer time so we decided to sell it.
It is in perfect working condition and everything you see in the pictures is
included. If I am not mistaken music on hold can be easily added (we never did).
Please note there is a DSL receptacle that is not part of the system but is included as well as the lines distribution
gadget in case somebody can use it.
I did disconnect the system myself so I know it is in perfect working condition.
Originally professionally installed by a Norstar techie.
I can't remember precisely but I believe
we paid about $1400 for the brain including the one module plus $120 to $140 per
phone, very close to $2000 plus tax and shipping.
I do not know anything about phones so please do not ask me any technical
questions, any other questions are welcomed.
If you are looking for a fabulous starter system
with many features and easily expandable this would be a great choice without the large cash expense.
If you have any questions please email me.
Also I can be reached daily at 818-298-8113 - PLEASE NO calls after 7:00 PM - If no answer please leave a message and a telephone number and I'll call you back.