How can you get community solar in your area? - $100

Texas, USA


Here's a breakdown of how you can find and subscribe to community solar in your area:

1. Check Availability:

● State Laws: Community solar programs aren't available in all states. Start by

researching your state's regulations and policies about community solar. The Interstate

Renewable Energy Council (IREC) offers a helpful state-by-state breakdown (Shared


● Local Utilities: Some utility companies offer or partner with community solar programs.

Check your utility provider's website or contact them for information on available options.

2. Search for Programs:

● Online Resources: Several online resources can help you find community solar

programs near you. Here are a couple of options:

○ Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA): The SEIA maintains a directory of

community solar providers across the US (Solar Energy Industries Association).

○ EnergySage: Type your zip code into this website. Find sunshine deals near

you. (or) This website helps you find community solar in your area. Punch in your

zip code. ([Community Solar: How to Go Solar Without Installing a Single Panel

on Your Roof | EnergySage])

3. Contact Potential Providers:

● Research and Compare: Shop around the community solar programs. See who offers

the best deal. How much sun per share? What's the cost? Read the fine print.

● Contact Providers: Programs you like? Call and ask questions. What plans do they

have? Can you join? How do you sign up?

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