State, local, and tribal climate and energy programs - $100

Texas, USA


Our planet's warming up - it's a big problem. States, cities, and even tribes are stepping up.

They're launching clean energy programs to fight back. Let's explore some examples:

State Programs:

● California's Cap-and-Trade Program: Big polluters get a limit. They can buy and sell

those limits. Money goes to clean power and helps those in need.

● Source: California Air Resources Board Cap-and-Trade Program

Local Programs:

● Community Choice Aggregation (CCA): Towns team up to buy clean power. Saves

money too! For instance, the city of San Francisco's CCA, SF Clean Power, aims to

achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030.

● Source: Local Government Environmental Services (LGES) - Community Choice


Tribal Programs:

● The Navajo Nation Solar Energy Project: Big sun farm on Navajo land. Clean power,

jobs too.

● Source: Department of Energy SunShot Initiative - Navajo Nation Solar Energy Project

These are a few examples, and there are many other programs across the country. Here are

some resources where you can find more information:

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