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512 W Burlington Ave, La Grange, IL 60525, USA


Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. is a leading figure in the Chicago-area recycling industry, providing exceptional scrap metal recycling services that cater specifically to industrial, commercial, and demolition companies. Situated in LaGrange, IL, our facility is a beacon for sustainability and responsible resource management within the community. We specialize in processing various metals with an emphasis on scrap aluminum, transforming it from waste into valuable material ready for reuse. Our commitment to environmental stewardship drives us to deliver innovative solutions for scrap metal in Chicago, ensuring that we live up to the expectations of being one of the city's top metal recyclers. Clients can trust us to handle their industrial scrap metal needs with efficiency and professionalism. Greenway Metal Recycling prides itself on reducing ecological footprints and contributing to a circular economy where materials are recycled and repurposed effectively. Phone: 773-558-2216