12mm,6 - $1.75


NEW 1/2" thick 12mm, 6" wide DISTRESSED LAMINATE FLOORING with beveled edges (in 3 colors) includes padding, this is really good quality very resistant stuff that looks just like real wood and its alot more axpensive than what I'm selling it for, anyone would bet its real wood, you have to see it in person to believe it, I have 1200 sqft of each color at my storage space, I'm selling it at $1.75 psqf, I'm not a bussiness just have this material that i want to get rid of, let me know if you want to meet to see samples in person or I could email you some pics direcly since the quality of pics on craigslist is very poor. Please leave me a message on my voicemail or email me to arrange a time to talk since I can't always get the call,
$1.75 psqft. (818)523-1739