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Sections of the CompTIA A Core Series test
Lines, connectors, RAM, and storehouse — just a many of the generalities you ’ll be needed to completely understand and work with when answering questions about tackle on this test. numerous of the questions will ask you to fantasize a situation and recommend a “ fix ” or procedure that will help break a problem. Exam Topics Your knowledge will need to extend to factors used by the adding number of remote workers. This section also covers printers and other bias, and the questions about this section make up about 25 of the220-1101 test. Use these220-1101 tackle practice questions to review.
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Network Troubleshooting
About 29 of the220-1101 test questions relate to these areas, and they will each probably involve a “ script ” and ask for your suggestion to ameliorate the situation, whether it's related to problems with the tackle, the network, or both. Wired or wireless, desktops or small bias, you ’ll need to be suitable to troubleshoot them all. Use these220-1101 tackle and Network Troubleshooting practice questions to test your chops in this area.