Plastic Round Food Container Mould and Plastic Square Food Container Mould - $1

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


R D Mould & Industries, offers the best range of houseware mould. We are one of the largest houseware mould manufacturer, exporter and supplier based in Ahmedabad. Our use of this plastic food containers mould has revolutionized the food packaging industry. With the growing demand for food packaging, the production of food containers has become possible through plastic round food container mould. Various types of Houseware Injection Mould are offered to our customers. We offer a wide range of houseware injection mould for food containers, including plastic round food container mould and plastic square food container mould. Our mould are designed to meet the diverse needs of the food packaging industry, from small to large containers. Our plastic round food container mould are made from premium quality materials and designed to create durable, lightweight and leak-proof containers. Second, our plastic square food container mould are designed to create strong and stackable containers that can efficiently store and transport food products. We manufacture various types of houseware mould including plastic dry fruit box mould, lead type multipurpose plastic storage container mould, plastic fruit and vegetable basket mould, plastic lunch box mould and plastic pencil box mould, Multipurpose Plastic Storage Container Mould, Plastic Sweet Box Mould, Plastic Ice Cream Box & Cup Mould, Plastic Khajoor Box Mould, plastic food container mould, etc. Best quality houseware mould exporter from India.