Telecom System Integrator - $1,000

Dubai - United Arab Emirates


The role of telecom system integration in the UAE for the oil & gas industry encompasses the provision of end-to-end solutions for telecommunication, fire & gas detection systems. We at Aesthetix, provide turnkey solutions and engineering services for all your telecom needs including but not limited to integration of multiplatform systems and comprehensive reliable solutions for monitoring and maintenance of pipelines.

Aesthetix is the leading telecom system integrator in the UAE for oil and gas industry rendering large scale offshore, onshore and pipeline communication projects. We have extensive experience in rendering a wide range of services catering to the telecom needs of the oil & gas industry such as project management, procurement, logistics, design, engineering, construction, SAT, etc. Our vast experience as a telecom system integrator and engineering service provider in UAE helps us tackle any challenges or demands that come our way and we have the resources to satisfy telecom solution requirements at the local, national and international levels.