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Compressed air filters are especially used for compressed air purification, particles elimination and filtration of dust, water vapor and unburned hydrocarbons jumbled in compressed air further, the lubrication machine of air compressors produces contaminants along with wear particles and oil. Even compressors can produce those materials. This oil is acidic and is a poor first-rate oil that doesn't work as a lubricant. Corrosion inside the piping of the compressed air distribution system also causes contamination of the compressed air.

This dust, oil and water mix together to form a dangerous corrosive sludge that could wear out pneumatic system, clog valves and corrode strains, resulting in: air leakage, device and equipment harm, production standstill, elevated upkeep fees, product scrap, fitness risks and a compromised work environment.

Compressed air filter out clear out functions
reasonable shape, small length and mild weight;
automatic drainage and manual drainage discharge techniques;
capable of put off water, oil mist, solid particles;
3-stage purification treatment, long service existence;
With differential stress indication display, clean to screen the differential strain in real time;
The clear out detail filtration vicinity is elevated, the pressure loss is small, and it is convenient to trade the clear out detail;
To visit zero.01um and above particles, oil mist attention manage in zero.01ppm/wt.

Filtration and different classifications
Q oil and dirt removal filter out
high temperature: sixty five ℃ fashionable differential stress: zero.2 Kg/ large differential pressure: zero.7 Kg/
characteristic: filter out a massive quantity of oil and gas in compressed air to within 5ppm and clear out impurity debris 5micron.
filter out element cloth: multi-layer glass fiber clear out detail Accuracy: 5micron filter oil content: 5ppm massive stress: 16Kg/

P oil and dirt elimination filter out
excessive temperature: 65℃ widespread differential stress: 0.17Kg/ massive differential strain: zero.7 Kg/
function: filter out oil and gasoline in compressed air inside zero.5ppm, and clear out impurities underneath 1micron.
filter element material: multi-layer glass fiber filter detail Accuracy: 1micron filter out oil content: zero.5ppm massive strain: 16Kg/

S oil and dust elimination filter
high temperature: 65℃ widespread differential stress: 0.275Kg/ large differential pressure: zero.7 Kg/
feature: filter 0.01ppm of oil and fuel in compressed air, and clear out zero.01micron of impurity particles in compressed air at the equal time.
clear out detail cloth: the usage of multi-layer glass fiber clear out detail Accuracy: zero.01micron filter out oil content material: zero.5ppm huge strain: 16Kg/

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