Best Play area In Lahore - $10

Avenue Mall, Ghazi Road, near Rehman Gardens, Rehman Gardens, Lahore, Pakistan


An indoor theme park like Playdium will be the perfect spot to visit, as we ensure all SOP’s are strictly in place, to let your families blow off some of that steam that has been building up for months. With masks and gloves being mandatory, sanitizers on all corners, limited number of people at Playdium at a time, we are taking extra care of your safety.

Playdium is an indoor entertainment center located in the Avenue Mall in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a popular destination for families and children, offering a variety of games and activities. Some of the key features of Playdium at Avenue Mall include:
1. Arcade Games: Playdium features a wide variety of arcade games, including racing games, shooting games, and classic games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders.
2. Laser Tag: Playdium offers laser tag, which is a fun activity where players try to score points by tagging other players with laser beams. It is a great group activity that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.
3. Climbing Wall: Playdium has a climbing wall where visitors can test their strength and agility. It is a fun and challenging activity that is suitable for all ages.
4. Trampolines: Playdium has several trampolines where visitors can bounce and jump. It is a great activity for children and a fun way to exercise.
5. Toddler Play Area: Playdium also has a separate play area for younger children. It features soft play equipment, slides, and other activities that are safe and fun for toddlers.
Overall, Playdium at Avenue Mall is a great Entertainment destination for families and children in Lahore.