BuzzNeons - $1,000

Sydney NSW, Australia


LED Custom LED Neon Lights

Buzz Neons is situated in Sydney Australia, our factory is equipped with state of the art Laser and CNC machinery. We have the ability to create your sign right here in Australia. No delays waiting for overseas shipping!

We use the latest Generation 2 Technology for our neon signs, we may even be the first in the country to do so! This technology allows us to use a range of programmable led strips and give you the flexibility to change your neons colour at a click of a button.

What you’ll receive from Buzz Neons is a top quality Australian produced sign, with proper warranty and service. We can even install your signs!

We’ve provided signs for huge clients and have the same processes and quality for a desk sign or a wedding neon! Be assured that you’ll be receiving a quality product no matter the size or scope.

Not only can we create LED Neons, but lightboxes and 3D letters are our specialty too!

Quick FAQ's
Can i pick up my sign?
Ofcourse, We're located in Sydney Australia.
Where are your coupon/discount codes?
We don't bullshit you with coupons, our prices are the true rates all year round. Ask us for bulk pricing though!
How long till i get my sign?
Usually within 1 week, Let us know if you have a required event date!
Do you have any Eco friendly options?
yes! We can apply your sign to Timber, reused acrylic or even 100% recycled HDPE