3D Wire Bending Machine - $26,500 obo

Fuming Industrial Park, Xintai Road, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China


Autolink provides high-performance three-dimensional 3D WIRE BENDER successfully applied in mass production - AutolinkCNC Technologies.

The 3D CNC wire bending machine is a valuable machine for creating intricate 2D or 3D shapes with precision, making it suitable for complex applications. It operates efficiently and produces accurate output forms of any 3D complex shape, just like its 2D counterpart. Auto Link provides three models of the machine designed for different applications, using built-in software to ensure precise bending, straightening, and cutting of the wire. A variety of bend processing methods are used in these machines to meet various bending needs. The wire is received directly from the coil, straightened, bent, and cut accurately using the built-in software. The user can expect a precise output form with the correct bend, thanks to the machine's efficient operation.
$26,500.00 or best offer