Will Mop 50 Floor Cleaning Machine - $0

Pune, Maharashtra, India


Let us carry the weight for you.
We developed floor clean machine an exclusive joint that allow you to work with one or two hands, depending on your preference. Thanks to the feeling of lightness of use, the WILLMOP 50 ensures an ergonomic operating position and, minimal effort during the entire cleaning activity.
Feeling of freedom.
The WILLMOP 50 steering allows a full 360° range of unrestricted movement. Its incredible manoeuvrability facilitates the cleaning floor mop of all areas that are hard to reach for traditional machines, such as beneath tables, under sinks and between chairs.
Your safety matters.
The activation of the cleaning floor mop program selected with the cursor takes place through the innovative SENSITIVE TOUCH SYSTEM, which allows you to grip the handle at any point. When you need to detach both hands from the handle, the steeringcolumn remains upright without falling to the ground. WILLMOP 50 automatically engages stand-by mode, until you take hold of the handle again to continue cleaning.
The invisible dirt is only for others.
The brushes cover a 50 cm cleaning path, offering exceptional performance on large surfaces as well as in the tightest of spaces. WILLMOP 50 is unbeatable along the edges of walls and even in dark spaces such as beneath furniture, thanks to the front LED lights.

In depth, but without making noise.
In many environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools, it's fundamental to maintain quiet and calm surroundings. The Energy Saving mode allows you to reduce the noise generated by the suction, ensuring maximum efficiency in total discretion. This floor clean machine mode also provides a 40% water saving and over 15% of working battery-charge efficiency.
Details make the difference.
The recovery tank is equipped with a detection sensor that automatically switches off the vacuum motor when it's full and warns the operator when it requires emptying. The handle allows you to easily detach the tank and transport it to the disposal point without moving the entire unit.
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Technical data

Scrubbing path
500 mm

Tanks capacity
5/7 l

Coverage performance
2100 m2/h

Life time UV source

Ecoray system power

Working time
~ 1,15 hh

Brush size
2 x 250 mm

Rpm brush
350 rpm

Brush pressure
25 kg

Brushes motor power
2 x 200 W

Squeegee width
600 mm

Water lift
mm H2O

Vacuum motor (stages)
280 W

24 V

Total power

Willcharge, battery charger
5/8 (100-240) A/h (V)

Willpower, battery
21/29 (Litio-ion) Ah/1

Machine dimensions (Lxlxh)
600x580x1180 mm

Weight with battery and water
35 Kg

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