Pantoprazole Sodium Prices Trend and Forecast - $0



North America
The fourth quarter of 2022 started with the stable price trajectory of Pantoprazole Sodium in the United States. Demand from the downstream sector inclined slightly as compared to the third quarter of 2022, which supported the market sentiments of Pantoprazole Sodium. Additionally, as consumers held off on major purchases because of the US market's rising inflation, the offtakes declined considerably with the start of December. Improved supply chains, with ease in port congestion and slowing demand from higher borrowing costs, kept Pantoprazole Sodium prices on a lower end by the end of the fourth quarter of 2022. With the termination of Q4, the prices of Pantoprazole sodium were assembled at USD 85750/MT CFR Los Angeles.

Asia- Pacific
In Asia Pacific, primarily in China, the Pantoprazole Sodium Prices witnessed an incremented trend with the start of October on account of increased end-user demand. Continuous zero covid policies and halted manufacturing activities supported the market sentiments of Pantoprazole Sodium within the domestic market. Furthermore, at the beginning of December, the prices started to drop considerably as a sharp rise in cases of Covid infection- a new, highly contagious sub-variant of Omicron, in China has significantly raised the threat to global supply chains. Market players and traders reduced their further orders, thereby affecting the overall marker trajectory of Pantoprazole Sodium. With the end of the final quarter of 2022, the prices of Pantoprazole Sodium were assembled at USD 78150/MT FOB Shanghai.

The prices of Pantoprazole Sodium in the European region mimic a similar trend during the fourth quarter of 2022, as in the United States. Downstream demand within the domestic market inclined moderately until the mid of the fourth quarter, keeping the prices on the higher side. Due to some ease in supply disruption, trade flows partially restarted in Germany and the rest of the Eurozone, but this does not signify a stable set of market fundamentals as the requirements for Pantoprazole Sodium witnessed was on the lower end. However, given the current economic difficulties, the end-user industry's demand for goods and services remained subdued for a while. Also, Weaker buying tendencies from the customers supported this declining market sentiment. With this, the prices of Pantoprazole sodium in Europe were demonstrated at USD 87950/MT CFR Hamburg.
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