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Broxbourne, EN10 7TA, United Kingdom


Lesley Taylor Life and Confidence Coaching is a business based in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, which helps professional women, entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives to identify and achieve their personal and professional goals.
Wherever you are stuck or blocked, hiring a life coach can be the perfect choice to help you move forward. Here are just some of the areas where life coaching can help you achieve real change:
• Build self-confidence
• Perform better at work
• Learn to deal with stress
• Improve relationships
• Manage people effectively

Services include mindset coaching and wellness coaching to help clients to get clear about what they want to achieve and to create a plan to overcome their challenges, fears and doubts whilst developing the leadership skills, confidence and self-belief to make it happen.
As a life coach, mentor and consultant, Lesley Taylor is happy to travel to London, Hertfordshire and Essex to meet with business clients face-to-face. Alternatively, personal and business clients can meet her on Zoom for life coaching on a 1-2-1 basis or in group coaching sessions.
The personal coaching sessions and programs provide mentoring, accountability, goal setting and training to develop personal and professional skills for greater impact and results in lifestyle, relationships and work. These include leadership skills, communication and assertiveness skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, delegation, self-care, setting personal boundaries and customer service skills.
Working with a life coach helps business owners and professionals to raise their abilities, belief and performance and enables them to make their goals and aspirations a reality without the stress, overwhelm and self-sabotage that used to hold them back!
Book a free, no-obligation chat with me to find out how you can boost your confidence and success. Your journey to maximise your full potential begins with our great life coaching sessions.

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