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Share in Mike's near-death experience and in His and Sherry's story of the recovery and redemption it brought to their lives. If you need an increase in hope in your life today, don't miss our book!

No matter what you have been through. No matter how much you have disappointed yourself and others. No matter what others did to you, there is hope. Hope for an abundant life filled with joy. Hope for peace, significance, and purpose. And hope that when this life ends, we will move to heaven to be with Christ and all who loved God and went before us. Sherry and I have disappointed ourselves and others many times. We have sometimes felt betrayed and used. Sometimes it feels like the pressure God allows on us is too much to bear. Yet God has brought us through a thousand times. And in the process, has proven His faithfulness. God can be trusted in the dark when it looks like all hope is lost. When He seems silent and distant. When we are sure what God will do and He does not do it. In those times, know that He is there. He is working on our behalf. He is bringing about something greater than we ever thought of. Trusting God when it is not easy is one of the great secrets of life. This book is about opening our eyes to see His love, power, and wisdom at work every day in our lives. Hopefully, in our story, you will see parallels to your story. Sometimes, the answers we seek are hidden in our everyday life. There is a great chance that because you are reading or listening to this, God wants to provide a turnaround anointing to restore hope in your life or someone you love.
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