Which CPAP mask type should I use? - $100

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The degree of your sleep apnea and how comfortable you are wearing the CPAP mask will determine which one is best for you. Most of the time, your doctor will advise the best mask for you based on a number of variables. However, it is advantageous to be aware of your options while choosing a mask.

The best position for preventing sleep apnea is to sleep on your side. The nasal pillow mask, which has a low profile and is comfortable, is the ideal option. Another choice is a soft, broader nasal mask that efficiently seals. Your nasal passageways are substantially less affected by gravity, which leads to less nighttime attacks.

People who sleep on their backs have a variety of options because they can easily fit even the largest masks. Due to their greater propensity for airway collapse, back sleepers experience the most sleep apnea complications. Make sure to inform your doctor if you sleep on your back. Back sleepers may use any kind of mask, so you can pick one based on how comfortable it is and how well it seals.

The mask you wear becomes extremely critical if you suffer from sleep apnea and sleep on your stomach. For those who suffer from sleep apnea, this is one of the less prevalent sleeping postures.

A nasal pillow mask is an ideal option for this position. It stops leaks from happening in this position and keeps the mask from coming loose.

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