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Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


In all over the world, there are lot industries working to generate data. With the growth of technology, especially internet based services, there is the need to collect data for a better management. For a special case, in India, due to the fact that it is a large market, it is important to consider the criteria of digital marketing in there. With thousands of industries, in India, with the use of data generated on daily basis, data play great role there. That because India is one of the largest consumers in worldwide, data analytics plays a key role there. It does require some tools for a better performance, as well the task performance process.
As to the method of gathering data, a good education or a training is important. In addition, the organizing and storing the data is also part of the most important part in data analytics concept. One more part the analysis itself.
About data analytics domains, it included, but not limited to, banking, logistics, retails, and manufacturing. In order to have a clearer idea about the industries where data analytics is concerned, the above link is a valid source. There might be some misconceptions with several subjects that are overlapping, such data analytics, data analysis, data science, and business analytics. A better understanding of that can be found through the above mentioned site.
For several reasons, data analytics is a great tool. That also include helping stakeholders to make their decisions. Several universities and institutes are working hard to provide good training to meet this market requirement. That link provides details about data analytics in India. It is also important to note that data analytics jobs in India, the demand is increasing, comparing to other countries.