Farm Irrigation Machine For Sale - $8,000

Qingdao, 山东省中国


Farm irrigation machine is an auto driven by a water turbine propelled machinery. It enters the water pressure of the water through the turbine, the kinetic energy of the use of water-driven water turbine rotation. Multifunction device by rotating water turbine gearbox driven winch rotation,drag the PE pipe nozzles to achieve uniform vehicle recovery .while pressure is transmitted to the PE pipe water into the nozzle to achieve normal spray nozzle,It mainly consists of the chassis ,rack,winch,PE pipes,automatic control devices,water turbine drives,gearboxes,car nozzle guide sections devices,security devices and other components.Simple structure,high degree of automation,adaptable,easy to operate and multi-speed,it's suitable for water-saving irrigation equipment ideal,single nozzle irrigation machine mainly used in the indicator over the automation low crop.