How to Deal with Copper and Aluminum in Waste Radiators? - $9,999



The main method currently adopted is to crush and then separate through the copper and aluminum crushing and separating line. The separation effect reaches 99%, which is the current environmentally friendly recycling method. The copper-aluminum crusher can be used for trial use on copper-aluminum materials such as waste radiators, internal copper-aluminum waste water tanks, and motor rotors.
Copper-aluminum radiator crushing and sorting equipment is a set of production lines, which can process various large radiators and copper-aluminum water tanks or motor rotors below 15cm. The copper-aluminum radiator crushing and separating equipment has multi-purpose, and each stand-alone machine can also process many kinds of materials, therefore, it is a value-preserving production line.
The copper-aluminum radiator separator for air-conditioning radiators uses dry physical processing technology, which can quickly separate the copper and aluminum of the entire heat sink, requiring less labor, with no risk, large output, and one-key operation. Only 2-3 people is enough for operating the complete production line, and the production capacity is about 2 tons per day.
Copper Aluminum Radiator Crushing and Sorting Line
The copper-aluminum radiator crushing and separating line is composed of multiple stand-alone machines, and the production line is with conveying system, crushing system, sorting system, and crushing system.
1. Generally, we design metal shredders and vertical crushers for two-stage crushing. The whole radiator goes in and is crushed into granular copper-aluminum mixture materials. The materials that can be processed by waste shredders and vertical crushers are even more diverse.
2. Granular copper-aluminum mixture materials are transported into the airflow specific gravity sorter. The inside of the sorter is equipped with a fan. Under the action of its own density and wind force, the lighter aluminum will fall to a farther place inside the airflow sorter. Under the action of airflow and vibration, the lighter material is on the upper layer, and the heavier material is on the lower layer. Under the action of vibration, the two materials with different weights flow separately to realize the separation of copper and aluminum.