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Health benefits aside,modern fashion day water bottle screw cap, it prevents annoying dripping when drinking, and - most importantly - a wide mouth big enough to let ice through. People love the clean, minimalist look of this water bottle, and the fact that it's made of glass rather than plastic or stainless steel - there's no sickening smell here. Leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and a tethered cover that won't get lost? Most people love this water bottle! For them, glass water tastes better than plastic water, which is a great value for money quality. The stainless steel cap is attached with a sturdy silicone strap that keeps the cap in line with the bottle.

The modern fashion day water bottle isn't the most aesthetically pleasing water bottle you'll ever see, but otherwise, it's full of luxe details like shatter-resistant glass, a non-slip non-slip silicone case, and a wide, ice-friendly and easy-to-clean mouth. Why do you need modern fashion day water bottle? If there's anything that will keep you on your hydration goals, it's this ultra-sleek water bottle. With its minimalist construction and gorgeous color options, it has basically become a fashion girl's favorite accessory.Bottles