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Hot sell commercial flake ice makerr Ice Machine.
Commercial ice making machine(commercial flake ice makerr) is a popular kitchen equipment, which is widely Used For Bar, Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, Supermarket ,Industry,catering, medical care and fresh keeping etc.
Characteristics of ice flaker:
*It is dry and not easy to agglomerate, and the surface is smooth. It will not damage cold collections. It is most suitable for industrial processing and storage of perishable goods.
*The contact area of flake ice is larger than that of snow ice, and the cooling effect is the best among all kinds of ice.
Seafood canteen, supermarket, printing and dyeing chemical industry, cement factory, bread and food processing, slaughtering and cooling, etc.
Characteristics of ice flaker:
*The evaporator is made of low-temperature alloy steel and is manufactured by one-step forming technology. With advanced hydrodynamic design, the failure rate is still very low.
*SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel can be selected according to customer needs.
*The vertical evaporator is of fixed design to avoid the leakage of the refrigeration system caused by the damage of the seal during the operation of the evaporator.
*The skate is made of SUS304 seamless steel pipe in one step, which is durable.
*As the skate rotates in the evaporation bucket, it has the advantages of small resistance, low energy consumption, no noise, no ice powder, etc.
*PLC automatic control, automatic ice making, automatic fault alarm, convenient maintenance.
*Leading the industry, three minutes of snow and ice fell.
*Imported compressor, excellent performance.
Flake Ice Machine(AP Series)
ModelMax Daily output
锛坘g锛?/strong>Ice shapeStorage capacity
锛圵脳D脳H锛塵mPowerRefrigerantCooling way
SM-0.2TS200Flake Ice180560脳830脳1860220V 1200WR22/R404aAir/Water
SM-0.3TS300Flake Ice280760脳830脳1860220V 1500WR22/R404aAir/Water
SM-0.5TS500Flake Ice280760脳830脳1930220V 2000WR22/R404aAir/Water
SM-0.8TS800Flake Ice280760脳830脳1930220V 3200WR22/R404aAir/Water
Q: Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
A:LINYA technology has been commercial refrigeration industry for over 14 years, we design and manufacture refrigeration equipment with delicate producing process and strict QC procedure. Also we provide OEM adn ODM service for customers.
Q:Shall we pay Extral cost for OEM service?
A:The OEM service are totally free of charge.
Q:What is the best price you can offer?
A:The best prices depend on the order quantity. Please leave us a message with your purchase details, such as quantity, voltage, specification etc. We will respond you as soon as possible within 24 hours.
Q:Can not find your favorite?
A:We are ice maker manufacturer professional manufacturer in this industry. We would like to provide full solution for OEM clients.Flake Ice Maker wholesale