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Product Description聽
The Rocker Arm Assy And Parts mainly includes rocker arm, rocker shaft, support base, and valve clearance adjustment screw. The rocker arm is a two-armed lever with an intermediate shaft hole as a fulcrum, a valve clearance adjustment screw is installed on one side of the short arm, and an arc working surface is used at one end of the long arm to push the valve. The Rocker Arm Assy And Parts聽belongs to a valve transmission component in an automobile valve train. When the engine is running, the crankshaft drives the camshaft to rotate through the timing gear. When the convex part of the cam lifts the lifter, the lifter pushes the push rod to go up together. Then the other end of the valve compresses the valve spring to lower the valve and open the valve.聽It features high strength, compact structure, easy maintenance, delicate design as well as long service life. It is very popular with our customers due to stable performance.聽
We can supply excellent quality Rocker Arm Assy and Parts, including rocker arm, rocker arm axle, push rod fitted on Diesel Engine which can be assembled to Automobile, Diesel Generator Unit, Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery and Mining Machinery, etc.
Quality Control certified by ISO/TS 16949:2009
We can supply the above-mentioned parts for the famous brand vehicles, such as Japanese Mitsubishi, Hino, Isuzu, Nissan, American and European Cummins, Ford, Deutz, Fiat, Perkins, etc.
The customized order is welcome.Customized Cylinder Head And Block