Custom Metal Expansion Joints - $0

Houston, TX 77041, United States


Metal expansion joints are used in many industries to reduce the vibration and noise in machinery. They are also used for sealing and isolating applications.
There are many different types of metal expansion joints available depending on your industry’s needs.
We utilize our standard metal bellows elements to rapidly assemble custom Metal Expansion Joints that meet your exact project requirements. Our OEM and custom Expansion Joints are used in a wide range of industries, from Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Power Gen, Petrochemical, Water and Wastewater.


Bellows Systems additionally offers flow liners, control rods, external covers, thermal insulation as required for your application.


Bellows Systems offers various end fitting options for our expansion joints including, pipe weld ends, Fixed flange, Floating flange, Marman Flange, Slotted Cuff Ends.

For more information on Metal Expansion joints and their properties consult our expansion joint page Click here : Bellows systems