Top 8 Best 2-Week Certificate Programs for Students - $10

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You might not be aware that there are 2-week certificate programs that you can take advantage of. When looking for ways to boost your income, develop your abilities, start a new job, or gain a promotion, it's not a bad idea to go the quality but quick route.
Although several degree programs can enhance your likelihood of landing a high-paying job, they are sometimes pricey and take a while to complete. Getting a certification that wouldn't need you to rob a bank or take you years to complete is one simple approach to receiving a promotion, raising your income, or changing your professional path.
However, the best certification programs to help you get the knowledge and experience required to succeed in a given industry or vocation are those that last two weeks. But if you find any difficulty in completing your certificate programs then you may come for online class help.
Imagine being able to complete a certification program from a renowned institution in only a few weeks from the convenience of your home and without having to leave your existing employment. That is undoubtedly a possibility because there are a few profitable 2-week certificate programs in 2022 available both online and offline. The wonderful thing about it is that these programs are provided by respected organizations across many academic fields.
How Certification program is important?
The main purpose of a certificate program is to brush up on and expand one's knowledge in a particular subject or skill. Even though there are numerous tests to determine one's proficiency, it is incredibly informative. However, the person is given a diploma after completing many lessons, practicals, and tests.
another purpose is to teach students about trades and talents and it functions similarly to a professional school. As a result, if someone wants to become a woodworker, they will need to complete the necessary training and tests before receiving a certificate. There are several online websites such as Scholarly Help providing effective academic services like doing exams or full class work.
It is vital to remember that academic degrees and professional certifications are two separate things. Non-academic organizations, most of which are professional networking networks, typically grant certifications.
Additionally, a certificate program becomes legitimate and entitles that person to employment anywhere related to that work. Being a career person doesn't preclude you from running a certificate program; depending on what you want, anyone can participate.
Reasons to Enroll in 2-Week Certificate Programs
Short-term training courses like certification programs are frequently easier to finish than degree programs. The verification of a person's abilities, knowledge, and experiences that are required for a specific profession.
Completing a certification program will improve your skills and talents and authenticate your knowledge and experience if you're looking for work. Even in the employment market, it could make you more distinctive. Depending on the field, learners can complete a certification in a few hours or it might take a few weeks. The demanding exams and certification requirements serve as evidence of in-depth knowledge and practical expertise, making graduates of some certification programs even more in demand.
The prerequisites for 2-week certificate programs can change. Some, however, don't require any coursework, and others only demand a small fraction of what degrees require. Professionals can add credentials after their names if they have certain certificates. Professionals can transition into different professions thanks to undergraduate certificates. By proving proficiency, these certificate programs also assist in job advancement.
Are 2-Week Online Certificates Worth It?
There is absolutely no purpose in running the program if the online certification is not accepted. The fact that online course completion certificates are acknowledged, however, is encouraging. It is therefore recommended to include it in our curriculum and submit it for employment openings.
Additionally, businesses and industries today value skill acquisition in the technological sector, so if your certificate demonstrates it to them in addition to your intelligence and knowledge in your field, then you are good to go.
As a result, running such a program anywhere is recognized and helpful for finding employment in any state or country.
List of Best 2-Week Certificate Programs in 2022
If you're a professional in the workforce, being certified is a smart move and an investment. There are several benefits to certifications that can help you progress your career and learn more information about your sector.
There aren't many 2-week certificate programs out there, but of the ones that are, these stand out as the best for you:
First Aid Certification
First aid describes the initial care provided to people with both mild and life-threatening conditions. A first aid certification teaches techniques including how to treat minor wounds, stitch up major cuts, or recognize and deal with bone fractures. One of the great certification programs for first aid is:
Certificate Name: Basic First Aid: How to Be an Everyday Hero
Offered By: FutureLearn
Cost: $44.00
It provides you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to confidently act during an emergency before medical aid arrives. This kind of certification can be obtained online or in person in a few days. A first aid certification can help you branch out into related professional fields. For instance, anyone interested in participating can access the curriculum for free at
Cyber Security Certification
Certificate programs in cybersecurity provide students with reasonably priced training to obtain entry-level careers in a fast-expanding area. These certificate programs aid students in gaining the technical expertise they need to pursue careers as digital forensic analysts and security information security analysts.
Holders of cybersecurity certificates tend to have a good chance of finding employment and making a good living. Certificate programs in cybersecurity produce academic credentials that aid learners in entering the field or earning transferable credits for further education.
A cybersecurity certificate can be very helpful to students in the competitive and expanding job market of today. So, students can enroll in the following program.
Program Name: Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises: Identifying Threats and Preventing Attacks by Deakin University
Offered By: FutureLearn
You may learn in this course about frequent cyber hazards and assaults that affect small and medium-sized businesses, as well as what you can do to protect them.
Graphic Designing
Even if you can complete an online graphic design certification program in just two weeks of study, you won't be able to compete with experienced, professional graphic designers. You must put what you have learned into practice after finishing the program. There are no boundaries to what you can achieve if you put some effort into it and use the information you learn from the program.
Name: Creative Advertising & Graphic Design Theories for Beginners
Offered By: Udemy
Cost: $84.99
The above-mentioned graphic design program is great for beginners. Moreover, online and offline graphic design programs are both simple to use, and the majority of online programs are free. Even while you don't need a certificate to become a graphic designer, having one can help you land a high-paying position.
BLS Certification
Basic Life Support is abbreviated as BLS. Organizations like the American Heart Association offer the 2-week certificate for basic life support, which can attest to your competency in providing basic treatment in an emergency. You must attend an approved BLS class, finish the training, and pass the exam to become certified.
Name: First Aid & Basic Life Support (BLS)
Offered By: Udemy
Cost: Free of cost
Moreover, the BLS certification program is designed for first responders and medical specialists. In addition to teaching candidates how to use life-saving tools that are often found in hospitals and other healthcare institutions, BLS emphasizes the value of working in teams in emergency circumstances.
Lifeguard Training Program
It can take several days or longer to complete these 2-week certificate programs. You will learn about aquatic emergencies and how to successfully prevent and respond to them during the lifeguard certification course. This certification program is offered by the American Red Cross lifeguard training platform.
Program Name: Lifeguard Training
Offered By: American Red Cross
Cost: $400
Additionally, this certification is made to give people the abilities and information needed to equip them for a range of crises, situations, and occurrences in and around the water. You will learn about quick response times and the significance of thorough planning during lifeguard training. You will gain an understanding of the essential components in helping to prevent drowning and injuries through this certification program.
Marketing Certificate
One of the world's simplest and most difficult online certification programs is this one. Everyone possesses some understanding of marketing, but if it isn't updated, it won't be very useful. Therefore, enrolling in one of the below online marketing certification programs will enable you to become a proficient digital marketer and e-commerce expert within a few days.
Course Name: Introduction to Marketing: Fundamentals of Marketing and Introduction to Marketing: Understanding your Customers
Offered By: both programs are presented by FutureLearn
Cost: $69.00 Each Course
Furthermore, after completing a course like Hu Spot Content Marketing or e-commerce, students receive credentials that are accepted all over the world.
IT Certification Program
Online instruction is the simplest approach to learning how to utilize computers, systems, and complex technologies. Information technology is also used for the acquisition, processing, storage, and transmission of data. Additionally, the laptop you use at work and the phone, which are also information-transfer devices, are all products of technology.
As a result, obtaining IT certification in just 14 days using any program of your choosing is incredibly simple. You can apply for it and obtain certification if you are a techie but feel like you need to sharpen your skills in another area of IT.
Name: IT Fundamentals Information Technology Essentials IT Support
Offered By: Udemy
Fees: $19.99
Furthermore, because every business today uses technology, there is a great demand for workers with the skills necessary to keep up with the workload. You have a fantastic probability of landing high-paying jobs if it's included in your CV. This certification program is run by organizations like Udemy, Alison, and others.
Software Design and Architecture Course
The University of Alberta offers a program in software design and construction. The course aims to teach students how to build software systems and applications by using design principles, patterns, and architecture.
Name: Software Architecture & Design of Modern Large Scale Systems
Offered By: Udemy
Fees: $89.99
It is required that you have some prior knowledge of Java and object-oriented programming. You'll see several real-world instances of the use of patterns in software design throughout the program.
Final Words
So, you can improve your marketability by becoming certified in a particular skill set through 2-week certificate programs. Additionally, they are practical because they can be finished online, at your own pace, and the convenience of your home.
Therefore, every person should consider developing his skills in addition to pursuing a career. There is no longer any justification for lacking a skill, as this page outlines all the processes required to become certified in any desired skill within a short period.