Handmade Bracelets for Women - $109

Dublin, Ireland


Ertisun is an Irish jewellery label specialising in handcrafted pieces, unique designs and outstanding quality.

Owner and designer Edyta creates wonderful handmade jewellery including everything from earrings, womens rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and mens rings.

Ertisun is more than just a brand - it is an outlook - combining passion, art and culture to bring you premium pieces capturing every customer's individuality.

Jewellery in Ireland has a long tradition Ertisun is a part of this history by providing the People of Ireland unique jewellery made and designed in Ireland. ""

Jewellery from Ireland often symbolises the wonderful traditions and cultures of the country - but our designer derives her unique inspiration from the beautiful landscape of Ireland and her exceptional craftsmanship and creativity are instilled in every piece.
Website: https://ertisun.ie/