Bunion Splint Big Toe Straightener and Corrector - $18 obo

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Big Toe Straightener
Want to get relief from bunion pain?
A life with bunion pain isn't easy. We know your feeling and our professionally designed bunion corrector attack can help you out and noway abnegate yourself to a life with bunion pain or help you avoid rush after surgery.
Trying to avoid bunion surgery?
Bunions come in mild, moderate, and severe kinds, surgery is generallyalastresort.However, we suggest you use a physical remedy( bunion slivers) to avoid bunion surgery, If your situation isn't truly serious.
This bunion flake set is made of soft fabric( light weight, upgraded passable), with bunion padding that provides more comfortable care for your bunion part.
Completely malleable size for your bottom to give perfect toe protection and support. Suitable for women and men, immature and old.
The bunion sleeve cloth allows humidity immersion and the velcro straps help acclimate the pressure for a comfortable wear and tear and gash and incision.
Effectively palliate discomfort and pain caused by bunions, Hallux Valgus and crooked toes.
Reduces your bunion pain & pressure when walking during the day with socks and shoes with padded bunion bumper and bottom brace for big toe alignment.
With constant gentle pressure, inflammation can be reduced to get complete bunion pain relief and help surgical treatment.
Your new bunion slivers give instant pain relief and break other problems below bunions, hammer toe, lapping toe, toe pain, vexation, toe rubbing, pustules sludge & calluses.
The bunion flake uses an integrated aluminum brace to give strong support with the toe, gentle pressure on the big toe to realign it and decelerate the progression or conformation of bunions, theanti- slip belt around your bottom to avoid slipping while moving and sleeping, can effectively correct the hallux valgus, turf toe, crooked toe, toe drift, hammer toe and overlap toe.
The bunion corrector treats mild and moderate bunion preventively, help and reverse Hallux Valgus from getting worse.
Bunion slivers give gentle realignment of your big toe at night exertion like rest, sleep, relax,etc.
Package Includes
2 x Bunion slivers
Completely malleable size for your bottom to give perfect toe protection and support.
give dynamic pressure on the big toe to rearrange them so that the toes return to natural alignment.
$18.00 or best offer