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Root Canal is the dental procedure in which the damaged blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth pulp is removed and cleaned. It is more of a Rot rooter which cleans the decay and preserves the infected tooth. During which, the infected area will be disinfected with antibiotics, fill the empty roots and seal that area to prevent further decay. The procedure can be done by an expert endodontic but may make your tooth more fragile. Anyhow, if you find any of the symptoms denoted below, consult an endodontic for a Root Canal Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

The symptoms for a Root canal procedure
If you are visiting your dentist regularly, then he/she may find the symptoms so early before it comes to a bad stage. But sooner you notice these things below, understand it’s time for a Root Canal.

Tooth Sensitivity
When hot drinks or cold foods cause a lot of pain in your tooth, then the cavities might be damaged. The decayed blood vessels and nerves in your tooth must need a cleaning. So immediately visit the best dentist near you for a Root Canal Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Discoloration of tooth
A pulp infection may be the cause of tooth discoloration. It may be due to a breakdown of an internal tissue and can damage the roots. An abnormal blood supply to the pulp cavities causes them to die and one have to do a Root Canal to recover.

Cracked/Chipped tooth
A cracked tooth leads to an infection, which will spread to the roots and blood vessels of the tooth. This is indeed painful, so better to do a Root Canal treatment in Abu Dhabi to prevent further infections.

Persistent Tooth Pain
You have to undergo a Root Canal, if you have a Tooth pain which returns from time to time. It will be a pain, down the root of the tooth which can spread to your face or jaw. Consult an orthodontist and make sure the persistent pain is not due to a gum disease or a sinus problem.

A loose Teeth
Most of the tooth infections cause tooth mobility. It might be due to nerve death, which in turn soften the bone near the decayed tooth and it becomes looser. This is a sign to do a Root Canal treatment.

Swollen Gums
A swollen and painful gum may be the result of an inflammation caused by deposition of acidic waste products of dead pulp tissues. If you find a gum boil along with the swelling of gums, you have an infection down the roots to do a Root Canal Session.

These symptoms may be related to root damages or other tooth problems. Either of the two will cause you discomfort and pain until they are treated. It is as we say; ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and you can prevent a root canal when you follow good dental hygiene habits.

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