Great Ideas for Couples Silicone Bracelets - $1



Silicone wristbands also known as rubber wristbands are a common sight at fundraisers or charity events. These products are a great option for those looking to get their message across to people or create awareness about particular issues or raise funds for charity. Silicone bands can be fully customised to match the brand name and colours of an organisation, thus making them a great promotional tool. Logos and text can be easily added and placed across the surface of the wristband.

Silicone wristbands go a step further to become silicone bracelets. Silicone bracelets turn out to be great gifting ideas for friends and loved ones. With a high level of customisation possible with silicone bracelets, these can double up as personalised couples’ bracelets as well.

Buying a gift for your loved ones need not only be restricted to special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It needn’t even be an expensive gift, but just a small token to express your feelings or something to mark the time you've spent together. Perfumes and jewellery are extremely common, and fine jewellery can sometimes be out of a person’s budget.

One pretty and inexpensive option is silicone bracelets. These turn out to be thoughtful gifts especially since they can be customised with text messages or artwork of your choice. You can even get a set of two – couples silicone bracelets – which would surely impress your significant other. In fact, here are some cool ideas for couples’ silicone bracelets.

You could have a one-of-a-kind customised bracelet set, hers matching his. The bracelets can be customised with a phrase or text of your choice, something that you both identify with. It could be the date you first met, an anniversary or the words of a song that you both enjoy.
Another simple option for couples’ silicone bracelets is to get a matching set of bracelets in the same colour with a text message or phrase that holds significance to both. In fact, there is no limit to the personalised messages you could put on your couples' silicone bracelets.

Some days are special for you both. To celebrate these special days, you can have customised date bracelets. The same goes for locations that you find special in your relationship over the years. It could be a favourite vacation spot or the place where you first met. This could be engraved in a coordinate form on the bracelet set. Dates can be engraved in Roman numerals just to make the bracelet more special for you and your loved one.

Not only for your significant other, but you could also have a pair of silicone bracelets for a dear friend. Customised silicone bracelets are a good gifting idea for close friends and pals. Simple messages on the bracelets acknowledging the friendship go a long way to show that you care.
At you can find a variety of wristbands and the option to customize the band online. They offer a huge variety of colours and the online designer tool means that there is a live preview on the screen of how the bands will look when produced. Get onto the site and see how they offer couples’ wristbands to suit your event or purpose.