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Your cats also needs to be pampered as they are emotional too leaving their previous house so be calm and let them adjust at the new place. It’s not just about the cat or dog but it’s about all the pets one may have, because it really takes time to settle well with new faces and for animals once they got habitual to someone and some place they just got attach to it with hearts. So this may be little difficult for you to make your pet gets comfortable between new walls.

Aid Your Cat To Stable Well When Travelling To New House
Packers and Movers in Patna will share some tips that will help your cats to adjust very quickly.

1. Choose a quiet room
Try to choose a place that is quiet and let them be there for some time as a whole new silent place will be much better than a noisy place. Also seeing lots of people with bunch of boxes and re-arranging it will be worse scene for your pets.

Let them play with themselves and have a nice quality time as that will help them in adjusting very quickly.

2. Decorate the room
Make sure to decorate the room with your cat’s favorite toys, food dish and any other thing which is liked by it. Place a soft blanket, pillow, bed and water bowl.

This all efforts will make them happy and help them to be happy at the new place.

Packers and Movers Patna suggest you to kindly place your cat’s favorite food only instead of any other food as food can make anyone happy.

3. Provide a hiding place
Providing a hiding place is the best way to help them feel secure because cats find themselves safe in a hiding place so just put an empty cardboard and place a towel on it.

Movers and packers in Patna suggest you to let them sit in the box for a while and when they feel safe they will come out by themselves.

4. Keep the cat in the same box
Keep your cat in the same box in which they have travelled until you have reached the destination because they will feel unsecure suddenly at the new place.

Local Packers and Movers Patna suggest you to keep some old toys with them during the journey to make them feel comfortable.

5. Don’t be too quick
Yes, don’t be too quick to introduce the new home to your cats as they will feel unsaved and unsecure because of the moving stress so let them feel their own space and leave them alone for a while.

Packers and movers in Patna pet shifting service provider suggest you to take your cat out of its room as soon as it recovers from the whole trauma.

6. Try to maintain the old routine
Top and Safe Movers and Packers Patna suggest you to maintain the old routine to help your cats adjust in the new house. Make sure to serve the food on the same time, turn off the lights on the same time and even wake them up on the same time.

All these things will help them recognize everything fastly and adjusting quickly.

7. Spend as much time as possible with your cats
Try to spend more time with your cats as that will make them more happy and pleasant. Packers and movers Patna suggest you to play with them, watch TV together, and take them for walks.

These little things will help them adjust quickly at new place.

8. Take them in your own vehicle
If possible take your cats in your own vehicle at the back seat and tie the seat belt carefully as pets feel safer when travelling in cars rather than moving trucks or vans.

Packers and movers in Patna transportation services suggest you to keep a blanket on them during journey so that they can’t see the changing environment outside.

9. Try to move prior
Packers and movers in Patna suggest you to move prior to your cats and shift as much as possible even if a single room as a nicely managed home will make your cats feel safer and they will adjust very quickly.
10. Make their new world full of fun
Take them for long walks and let them play in gardens as that makes them happy. If possible take them for new adventures everyday so as to help them settle at new place.

Things to take care of before moving your cats
1. Don’t forget the laws
Check that if you require any license for moving your pet out from the city. Packers and movers Patna suggest you to insure your cats regarding any health issues.

2. Take them to veterinary physician
Before taking them for a long journey, don’t forget to take them to the doctor and have them checked properly.

Movers and Packers in Patna also suggest you to get some tips from the physician about how to control anxiety of cats.

3. Make sure your cat has identification
There are some cases where the pets have been lost during the house moves so make sure that your cat has identification that is a certain ID number and ask your veterinarian to microchip your cat for permanent identification.

4. Train your cat
Packers and Movers in Patna suggest you to train your cat before you take them along for a move as that will help them in any future circumstances.

Train them for safety issues, and also not to bite people, etc.

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