Here’s How to Rejuvenate That Spare Car Lying Idle in Your Garage - $20

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You cherish every bit of driving with your current vehicle until a vintage beauty on the other side of the road attracts you. Car enthusiasts cannot deny the sheer elegance of vintage automobiles. And if you are one of them, there are enough chances that you own one already or are looking to purchase one soon.

However, glorifying an abandoned car that has been sitting in a garage for too long requires some investment and effort to be back on the road. In case you are a bit serious about a car reviving, it is better to learn about such a dream restoration.
With that in mind, let’s dive into the most effective car restoration methods.

Deal with the engine first

Among all critical components, an engine deserves an inspection at priority. If there is a running engine, other components can function and vehicle can move. Generally, rust, corrosion, and grime that infiltrate inside the engine over time can cause the internals to seize.

There is a way to check the actual condition of a car’s engine. It requires the removal of the spark plugs and neutral gear. Next, attach a socket to the bolt that bears the crankshaft pulley and then clip the same socket with a wrench.

Now rotate it in the direction the engine typically spins. It does not take too much effort to accomplish this. However, you come to learn that engine components are rusty or can spin free. In case it hesitates to spin freely, just use some sort of lubricant in the cylinder, while automatic transmission fluid works best.

You can get a complete engine overhaul by a trusted mechanic at Service My Car.

Ensure the condition of gaskets, seals, and hoses

Unlike metal, rubber cannot fight with time and it degrades rapidly. However, the gaskets and seals are mostly made of rubber. There should be no doubt that they are the parts of a car to be taken care of in priority.

However, there is a head gasket around the engine along with a number of small and marginal seals here and there. It requires some sort of technical knowledge as well as effort to inspect as well as replace all of them.

Level the fluids up

You might not find any signs of fluid leakage, but that does not mean the fluid level will be up to scratch and satisfy the quality criteria. There are a variety of fluids that keep your car running smoothly. If you try to make a list, you will find that coolant, engine oil, transmission, brakes, and axle require some type of lubrication in the form of liquid.

However, it is recommended to change all of them to be on the safe side if the vehicle has been resting for a long time.

Check all essential filters

There is fluid to lubricate, so the filters clean the fluids. Filters are the saviours of a vehicle as they block impurities. But, they tend to get clogged overtime due to continuous filtration. Under the hood, filters make their presence felt by cleaning the engine oil and transmission.

Besides, there is a fuel filter inside the tank and an air filter for the engine to suck fresh air from the environment. An automobile has certain critical needs and these filters are among the priorities, alongside others.

However, professional help would be worth consideration and a qualified mechanic at Service My Car can help you with air filter replacement or oil filter replacement as per requirements.

Either replace or flush the engine tank

The fuel tank cannot be left unattended if you need a good quality fuel supply. There are two options in the case of fuel tank restoration. The first requires the entire reinstallation of a fresh tank, while the second needs to take some action to flush out the entire tank.

It requires you to attach a hose of a certain length and run it into a bottle or reservoir of some kind after disconnecting the fuel line from the engine. Then, turn over the engine so that the fuel pump can do its work to flush the fuel out of the tank until it gets clean. Here, battery supply comes into action as there would be a supply cut to the engine.

Check out for any rodent damage

Apart from component deterioration, a rested vehicle might be the home to a number of pests and insects. While a vehicle’s wiring is protected by multiple layers of protection, a small cut may turn into a big one and invite a major disaster.

Take this opportunity to check for worn-out parts, improbable car repair that has gone unnoticed, and other issues, along with any rodent damage.

Test the brakes, transmission, and tyres before opting for an outing

Along with a working engine, proper fluids and intact seals help a vehicle to turn over easily, while the transmission, brakes, and tyres make a vehicle move. If any one of them is defective, you cannot expect a ride that can be sustained long enough.

Therefore, you have to be sure about these components by applying the brake multiple times to ensure their proper application and changing gears to ensure any slippage and grinding. Tyres should be in proper condition to have enough tread to ensure proper grip and inflation.

A spare car restoration turns out to be a bit complicated but exciting at the same time. You cannot deny the joy of driving a classic beauty. However, such a restoration needs some sort of technical know-how, while it could be a simple project if you look for the help of a professional at Service My Car.

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