Himalayan Salt Bricks 8" x 4" x 2" - $625

Kansas City, MO 64163, USA


The Himalayan Salt bricks are an emerging salt product. It is a prominent Himalayan Salt Product. We mined Natural Rock Pink Salt and mold it. This process of crafting the Rock Salt gives us this product. The raw material comes from the beds of the Himalayas mountains by mining. Himalayan Salt Bricks are available in different shapes, and all these shapes are good for interior designing. But along its alluring look they are healthy, and illuminating substitutes for regular bricks. Which are used to D├ęcor the walls of your home and workplace nowadays and promote a healthy environment as well. You can install Himalayan Salt Bricks into your bedroom. You can make Himalayan Salt panels and kitchen slabs with these salt bricks. The trend of using these salt bricks in fireplaces, therapeutic salt chambers, yoga rooms, meditation spots, wellness centers, and others is amazingly increasing.

As in the beginning, we discussed that it is available in different shapes and sizes. This product is standard in size and shape to build the Himalayan Salt Wall. However, there are many qualities available in this size and shape. This product has the size of 8 x 4 x 2. You can have it in 4 sharp corners and 8 sharp corners. The Brick with 4 sharp corners is a little cheaper. But to give the best qualities to our customer we provide 8 sharp corners Salt Bricks. Also, we give an addition in the quality of brick that is polishing the bricks. We polished these Himalayan Salt Bricks that make them smooth and uniform in size. One of another big things in quality, which is the color of the Salt Bricks. Because it is a natural stone, we cannot do anything in regard to color editing. But we always try to use fine color while crafting these salt bricks. Our bricks have fine pink color that attracts the human eye. This is the reason our customers are really very happy with their purchases from us.

Himalayan Salt Bricks help to induce melatonin hormone for sound sleep. Its use by the People is genuinely increasing To Clean and detox the air in the surroundings. Himalayan Salt Bricks promote an anti-bacterial atmosphere by killing the microorganisms such as bacteria. These also support and improve the respiratory tract. It enhances the mood and generates concentration. The color of these Salt Bricks ranges from marbled pink to blushed dark pink, off-white and ash-red. But it is a fact that each Himalayan Salt Brick has a little bit of difference in color from the other bricks. Because it is natural and stone density may vary on different sides.

There are certain proofs available that Himalayan Salt Bricks develop a healthy environment that automatically benefits living beings. The emission of negative ions from the Himalayan Salt Bricks prevents bacterial growth and promotes a healthy ambiance. This property reduces over-exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiations (emitted by electronic devices). This salt product has the ability to boost cilial activity by aiding cilia in preventing harmful particles to make it to the lungs and causing respiratory disorders. Salt bricks help to improve breathing by filtering out the air of harmful particles and making breathing easy.
People use these Himalayan Salt Bricks for Salt Foot Therapy at Home. Animal licks these Himalayan Salt Bricks, as they lick the salt to improve and maintain their digestion and immune system. If you install the lights at the back of the salt bricks that can give a show-stopping amber glow.
Because of having many benefits, this salt product is good to use in many ways. You can use it for serving the food and cooking the food. This will give you an incredible cooking experience and unique taste. It is best for footsore because salt bricks detox. So, salt foot therapy at home is possible. We suggest building a salt wall in your home or work setup. This practice will have an alluring look and many health benefits. Especially if you are suffering from asthma or other respiratory disorders or even skin-related issues, these all issues will be resolved. Because it supports Libido and gives relief from stress, you will enjoy your life ahead. Himalayan Salt Bricks Wall will relax you and keep you in a good mood. The salt therapy at home is possible by just using Himalayan Salt Bricks for building the salt wall.

Himalayan Salt bricks require minimal care and are extremely resilient. The Himalayan Salt brick has a Length of 8 inches, 4 inches Width, and 2 inches Height. Due to its 2 inches thickness, it is mostly used for building purposes. Himalayan Salt Brick weighs 5.5 Pounds.