6 Reasons Why People Cheat on Their Partners - $0

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There is no one answer for all cases. Sometimes there is no satisfying answer even for an individual situation. However, there are some common explanations we can look to in order to understand why an affair happened. Here are some of the most frequently encountered explanations for why people cheat.

Reason #1: Your partner was bored and saturated
This is a very real reason that tends to be taken for granted because how could you possibly get bored of the person you love, right? Well, here’s a reality check—it’s possible. Could be due to multiple circumstances, where your partner was exposed to different experiences that made him/her grow as an individual while the relationship remained the same. This was where he/she eventually started to saturate because the relationship no longed matched their pace.

Reason #2: Your relationship lacked intimacy
When was the last time you and your partner were intimate with each other? Intimacy shouldn’t be taken for granted as it’s the only thing that’s exclusive to the two of you. However, if despite attempts and efforts, your relationship seemed to fall short on intimacy, be it physical or emotional, then that was a red flag right there. Think about it.

Reason #3: You had a vengeful partner
Although not the most probable scenario, but vengefulness in a relationship isn't uncommon. This depends on your partner's ability to either take a downfall or take revenge. If your partner finds it difficult to let go of the times you’ve upset them or let them down, they try to manifest all that pent up anger and frustration by seeking revenge.

Reason #4: Your partner fell out of love with you
Falling out of love is as real as falling in love with someone. Read about how real it can get, here. The Katy Perry-like fireworks that you first felt when the two of you connected were now beginning to fade and there was little you could do about it. Constant arguments and fights with your partner didn’t help much either, for they only drifted you further apart.

Reason #5: Your partner was the curious kind
When Dorothy Parker quoted—The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity—it fueled us to get out there and explore. But when it got too far (calling out the flighty air signs), Nancy B. Brewer summed it for us by quoting—Curiosity can be as dangerous as a butterfly hovering over a flame.

Reason #6: Your partner was a commitment-phobe

Even if you managed to put the ‘boyfriend’/’girlfriend’ tag on them, they couldn’t last long enough. Commitment-phobes suffer from a serious case of the FOMO. Trying to bound them into a relationship is like caging a free bird. So while they did mean well for you, and never meant to hurt you, a relationship just wasn’t ideal for them. This doesn’t make them bad though, for all they ever wanted was to live freely, without the pressures of a relationship. Too bad they couldn’t convey it well enough at the start.