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YoWhatsApp is the application that helps users to install dual WhatsApp on their phones.

If you are a user who likes customization and is bored with the same user interface of WhatsApp, then today we have something that can help you.

The name of the application is YoWhatsApp and it helps users to customize their WhatsApp. if they feel bored with the same green user interface they can change the interface using YoWhatsApp.

If you are looking for new and stunning material design then this is the best time to get rid of those ugly lime green color.

WhatsApp was released in 2009 and many features have recently been introduced in WhatsApp. If you look at the WhatsApp features, you will notice that features such as fixed chats and deleted messages have been introduced to WhatsApp. If you are a fan of online trading, you can use the app to create forex broker groups where your friends can discuss trading related topics.

If you are a Beta user, then only you can enjoy this hidden feature on WhatsApp. If you are not a beta user, then you will have to wait for a while before the public release to enjoy the features of WhatsApp.

There is a way to help users to enjoy these features on their WhatsApp. The name of the application is YoWhatsApp.

WhatsApp Modules
There are hundreds of modules available for WhatsApp. There are different types of WhatsApp modules available such as GBWhatsApp, SHWhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime, etc.

We all know that GBWhatsApp is an application used by millions of users, but if you have a low-end device, then you may find some glitches in the application.

If you are using GBWhatsApp, then why should you use this mod on your cell phone?

There are available translations. You can use YoWhatsApp in your native language and this feature is not available in any module of WhatsApp.

You can enjoy some features on YoWhatsApp. Once you install this WhatsApp mod, you can enjoy many new features of WhatsApp.

There are hundreds of features available in YoWhatsApp. You can read about these features to see if you can switch from regular WhatsApp.

Regular updates: YoWhatsApp has been updated to the latest version of WhatsApp and is available to everyone in the Play Store. If you are afraid of regular updates, then you don't need to worry about YoWhatsApp.
Set image as background for home screen: If you like any background image, you can quickly set the image on the conversation screen, which allows you to add more customization to YoWhatsApp.
Chat Bubble feature: Chat Bubble has a feature that allows users to change the conversation screen to the way they want it. If you want your WhatsApp to look like iOS WhatsApp, you can do that with the help of YoWhatsApp.
Freeze Last Seen: You can freeze the last seen of WhatsApp. This feature is available in all modified versions of WhatsApp. When I say freeze last seen, even you will see your friend's froze last seen.
Call blocker: We notice that our friends call again and again on WhatsApp. Even if we cancel their calls, sometimes they call you again and again. In the official version of WhatsApp, you cannot disable this feature, but with the help of YoWhatsApp, you can block your friend's WhatsApp calls.
White navigation bar support for Android 8.0+: If you have Android 8.0+, then you may have seen that Android Oreo has a full white theme. You can change the color of the navigation bar with the help of YoWhatsApp.
Icons: As you know, you might be confused between WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp, so developers are always adding new icons to help users distinguish between official WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp.

Final verdict.
That's all about the so-called YoWhatsApp app, if you like the features of YoWhatsApp, link to https://yowhatsapp.org to download it!