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What is Big Data Analytics?

Big Data Analytics is a tool to make huge amount of data like diverse and large data sets, Even it is structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data collected from different sources. Big Data Hadoop is a tool which magically shows us the trends, influence, and patterns from raw data sets helps business insights about the data according to industry. Big data hadoop uses analysis techniques like recognition clustering and regression and on data sets.

Different Types of Big Data Analytics

Big data Hadoop is a tool which is having concurrent processing and fault tolerance.

Descriptive Analytics

This type of analytics is used to analyse the data of company revenue, sales, profits and it is also used in calculating the measures of social media metrics.

Diagnostic Analytics

Techniques like data mining, data scrapping and data recovery are examples. Problem solutions and indepth insights about problems this type of analytics is used.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is using data mining, AI, and machine learning to scrutinize the current data and make future predictions. It analyse the market trends and predict future apparently.

Big Data Analytics Tools and Courses

In Big data analytics, several types of tools used to process and analyse and give insights of data in depth for better growth of business.

a. Hadoop

Big data Hadoop takes the big datasets and unstructured data and uses clusters of commodity hardware. It is free license framework, It is valuable tool for big business and organisations. Even the small organisation uses this also

b. NoSQL Databases

For non-relational data sets that do not require many sql databases to organise and analyse. NoSQL stands for “Not only SQL” used for different types of data models like programmatically data query usage for certain type of datasets.

c. Spark

Spark is also an open-source cluster computing framework It can handle both stream and batch processing for faster computation.

d. Tableau

This is end to end data analytics and collaboration plat form which is used for sharing big data insights. Tableau mainly used for visual data analysis, In depth analysis for big organisations and large business