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Pearls were one of the first jewels used by man, with beautiful color and also without any processing to become a pleasing accessory. Ancient people regarded pearls as a part of their lives and wore them all the time.

"Love in seven lives, love in three lives, each one for the love of the heart, gently touch the dusk, grain is a dream." This is people's heartfelt praise of pearls. Men give women pearl bracelets to symbolize the meaning of love and admiration.

The pearls are round and gentle representing the mildness, softness and virtuousness of women, and also symbolize the greatness and tolerance of motherly love. Sending a pearl bracelet expresses gratitude to your mother, the feeling of thanks, therefore, the pearl bracelet can be sent not only to your lover, but also to your mother who loves you.
Moreover, pearl bracelets not only have a beautiful meaning and elegant appearance, but wearing pearl bracelets also has various benefits for your body. Wearing natural pearl bracelets around the wrist can naturally give the skin of the wrist area a good maintenance, making the skin look more moist and shiny and elastic; it can also promote the circulation of blood in the body.

Importantly, pearls can make confidence, wearing a pearl bracelet on your hand can increase the softness and affinity of women, thus more confident and beautiful.

It also has affection, confidant love, blue love, bosom friend love or also brotherly love.

The five recommended pearl bracelets, each with its own charm, send girlfriends, send girlfriends, send lovers, send mothers, are very good choice it!
Simple pure white pearl bracelet
The simpler the pearl and silver chain encounter, the more simple, the more fashionable. This bracelet is made from the finest freshwater pearls, meticulously polished by top master craftsmen to give it a perfect round and flawless form. The pearls are interlaced on a silver chain, each with an enchanting luster that reflects the skin like snow.

If you prefer a pure white pearl bracelet, but want a more discreet piece of jewelry, choose one of the smaller diameter pearl bracelets below.
Natural pink pearl necklace
Natural pink, pink-orange and pink-purple colors Small and delicate. The pure natural colors look understated and the small pearl diameter brings out a more gentle temperament. This bracelet is made of colored pearls in different, yet harmonious colors, each unique.
Sterling Silver Silver Gray Pearl Bracelet
Dark colored pearl bracelets are more subdued. Silver gray pearls belong to the dark color, compared to pure white and colored, more reveal the charm of temperament woman. And for the spring season, which favors lively dressing, with such a necklace, it can balance your overall style and thus more decent.
Simple malachite pearl bracelet
Malachite and sea bamboo coral models are available to show different characteristics. The two pearl styles, malachite and sea bamboo coral, are both vintage in style and very versatile. If you're wearing the basics, the color of this bracelet can be the finishing touch, and if you're wearing something more lively, this bracelet will look great.

The masters of matching clothes are often particularly good at choosing accessories. The preference for accessories can show a woman's taste, and the natural beauty of pearls is the choice of many fashionable people, including Audrey Hepburn and Princess Royal.

If you want to make your overall match more colorful, if you want to stand out from the crowd, if you want to create a distinctive personal style, you deserve to have a pearl bracelet. Are you impressed?
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