Can a small pearl bump be repaired? - $60 obo



No. There is no way to repair it. Pearls are piled up layer by layer of extremely thin layers of pearls, just like the annual rings of a tree. The smooth skin of the pearl, the beautiful luster, all originate from the fine and complete layer of pearls, once the layer of pearls is knocked and small pits appear, it is not repairable.
This is the reason why pearls cannot be polished. Some people ask, "Why can't a pearl be polished into a round ball when a diamond can be cut and a jade stone can be polished? Here is the reason - pearls cannot be polished, and polishing destroys the smooth pearl layer, which will lose its beautiful luster. Find out more on the website
What is the best way to identify pearls without leaving a mark?
Scraping the skin of a pearl with a razor blade can be used to identify a pearl as genuine. But the scraping method is very delicate, must use a sharp blade, as smooth as possible to gently scrape the pearl epidermis, blunt knife, knife jagged, improper force, may damage the pearl epidermis, leaving irrecoverable wounds. And, the higher the grade pearl, the higher the risk! Use this method with caution!
Pearl maintenance: to prevent physical damage to the surface of the pearl, the pearl is not very hard, the surface if there is a break, directly is a large or small defect, which is completely irreparable, and artificial breakage is more ugly than natural defects, so be sure to pay attention to the following points.
(1) Treat pearls gently and avoid collisions and drops, especially with hard objects that do not have a smooth surface, which can very easily damage the pearl skin.
(2) Do not store pearls together with other hard objects to avoid being scratched by hard objects, and store each piece of pearl jewelry separately.
(3) Excessive collision and friction between pearls and pearls may also damage the surface of pearls. Pearl necklace between each pearl are tied a knot, the main role is to prevent friction damage between the pearls. It is worth mentioning that almost all pearls sold on the market today are artificial cultured pearls, or pearls for short. They grow naturally, except when the nucleus or coat is first implanted, when there is artificial intervention. In addition, only pearls that are entirely natural can be prefixed with the word "natural", i.e. natural pearls. For example, the great rivers in the northeast of China have historically produced natural freshwater pearls
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