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Glasier Inc. India provides software development services India that caters to a wide range of clients markets and industries. Software is ever-changing the economy, and how we conduct business and communicate with each other. To simplify business processes and streamline communication within the organization, there is multiple software used for seamless project management.

If you are looking for a certified software development company in India that works without compromising any of your requirements, Glasier Inc. India is the perfect place for your software development. We have ample experience working with startups, individuals, and large-scale enterprises.

We provide competitive services in software and application development and have produced outstanding results in the last decade. Our development team is well versed with iterations and innovations throughout the software development life cycle.

As leading software experts in India, we understand your requirements, evaluate your idea, analyze, explore and provide you with a custom software solution that solves your business problems. our services include:

Desktop-based software
Custom software development
Consultation on Technology
Planning & Strategy
Design & Conceptualization
Software Development
Enterprise software solution
Web-based software
Enterprise mobility
Cloud solutions
End-to-end security
Offshore development center

Desktop Softwares

At Glasier Inc. India, we provide desktop-based software built on cross-platform frameworks and help organizations to increase revenue generation. Our desktop applications are quality-oriented and are compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and more.

Web-based software

Glasier Inc. India has experienced developers who can create a customized web software for multiple sectors which include Point of Sale (POS) systems, CMS, eCommerce portals, offline software, attendance systems, and enterprise software development.

Software development includes various steps and procedures which include directing, designing, prototyping, development and programming, testing, quality assurance, operation, and launch. This process keeps iterating as requirements change and trends transform. Glasier Inc. India ensures that our software development caters to small and large businesses and provides them with great heights of success.

Agile Methodology

We follow the Agile development methodology, which is cost-effective and reduces the overall time of development. Moreover, several organizations around the world are offering software development services, which assist companies to stay agile, and innovation-oriented & manage the changes in the market effectively. Other benefits of agile software development are:

Cost reduction in training, licenses, and upgrades
Offers competitive advantages
Enhances flexibility
Best Custom Software Development Company India
Increases company value
Boosts productivity

Business Oriented Development

Glasier Inc. India is a pioneer in providing business-oriented swift app development companies in India to our clients. We ensure that our software is aligned with business process requirements and cater to the fundamentals of businesses by making processes more straightforward and collaborative. These are beneficial for small and medium enterprises as well as startups to create custom software.

Backend Development for Softwares

Backend development services are the essential backbone of software applications. We create robust backend development for our customer's software, which they can run efficiently and scale perpetually. Through a comprehensive backend development service, we ensure that we use leading languages and create frameworks that perform perfectly for decades and efficiently manage data.

Frontend Development for Softwares

Softwares require attractive and visually appealing front-end pages which are used by businesses and individuals. By simplifying the front-end, we make sure that all users get the trust and confidence by visiting the software, and we ensure to create exceptional usability-based UX design that has a low learning curve.

Dot Net Development Services

We provide expert assistance and feature-rich Dotnet development services for software. Dotnet is a language by Microsoft and is capable of creating large-scale sources for web and desktop. We have a pool of developers who are highly qualified in C hash MVC and more.

Database management

Software development requires the creation of the database schema. At Glasier Inc. India, we have years of experience in database creation, which enables businesses to create, edit, delete, manipulate, and arrange data to maximize utilization and prevent any kind of complications.

Cloud Consulting and DevOps

With cloud computing changing the whole paradigm of how we connect with devices, various software is now choosing cloud computing instead of in-house infrastructure. Our cloud and DevOps consultation provide initiation towards automation, and standardization of processes to ensure operational efficiency, which leads to innovation flourishing within the organization.

Quality Assurance Engineering

It needs robust quality engineering operations within the business domain to roll out functional software. Glasier Inc. India never compromises the quality of code and software delivery. We make sure that we release software on time and is entirely bug-free.

Software Development Cycle

We believe in a systematic approach for any project, be it complex or simple. Glasier Inc. India has a dedicated team for your project, which uses various methods such as agile, Extreme Development, Waterfall, Scrum, and Kanban. We ensure top-notch quality, on-time delivery, and agility for your project.


Requirement Analysis, Conduct Research
Conduct exploration workshops
Establish vision & direction and plan of the end product


Kick off the proceedings
Meeting with the team
Establish a process and communication channel

Development & Delivery

Prototyping and Design
Quality Assurance
Feedback and Model Cases
Execute the sprint phase
Analysis & design
Execute development & testing


24*7 maintenance service
Continuous Support

Why you should hire Glasier Inc. India?

Glasier Inc. India is a renowned software development company in India. We have a team of skilled developers, designers, business analysts, project managers and quality engineers working with cutting-edge technologies. Choosing us as a software company has various perks for your organization.

Dedicated Resource On Demand
Fast, Flexible, And Cost-Effective
Flexible engagement model
Extensive Support
Transparent policy