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Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India


The cow is equal to Fire as ‘She’ was born on account of Homa which is associated with Fire. Butter and ghee are loved by the gods when extracted from the cow’s milk using the wooden churning stick called ‘Kavvam’. Our culture suggests gifting away cows and gold during the religious rites like Yajna and Yaga besides the rituals to propitiate our ancestors. 
In India cows are traditionally worshipped and are also considered to be most sacred by the various religions. There are several rituals that are being offered as a part of making sure that the right set of blessings are evaluated. There are several processes that would often bring about making the most supreme worship that is offer to curve as a part of making sure that the blessings are fostered.
By not just dealing with the unique significance there are also several Vedas that will highlight the standard up to which one can eventually rely on our in order to stick to the traditional on set by treating cow and referring to as "she". This prospect holds several prominences where people from all over the world would often extend their gratitude towards making sure that a connection is fostered with the goseva where every cow is treated on special terms.
Several service programs are held by goseva as a part of which people who are longing to serve the cattle can therefore come up with the offerings and can also help to strengthen the cows physically. For all those that are wishing to have their prominence of spending time in goseva and eventually come up with their space because every process is highlighted and also the cattle are being protected with utmost careful stuff essence of religious belief is highlighted and is also taken care about by not just evaluating the standard but by also exaggerating upon the people's choice. 
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