Four quartz slabstotal50 sq ftMSICalcatta Classique - $699 obo

San Francisco, CA, USA


Selling four slabs of a beautiful of MSI - Calcatta Classique with the following dimensions:
Slab 1 is 59" x 29" - selling for $178
Slab 2 is 30" x 30" - selling for $94
Slab 3 is 60" x 31" - selling for $194
Slab 4 is 64"x 41" - selling for $273

All are 2cm thick.

I am selling the above at essentially $15 per square foot, but I purchased all of them for about $28 per square foot.

If you purchase all four slabs at once, I can give you an additional discount and sell all of them for $699 total.

The reason why I am selling is because I originally bought huge slabs and used it for a kitchen remodel. These are leftover slabs. The condition of these are excellent; the slabs could look amazing in your next kitchen or bathroom remodel!

For more information on this particular cut of quartz, here is the website:

Note that you CANNOT purchase this slab directly from the retailer.
$699.00 or best offer