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Did you know about ICO?

Initial Coin Offering is a famous method for budding startups to raise sizable funds for their cryptocurrency ventures (projects). The procedure entails giving the investors a small percentage of cryptocurrency in exchange for financial contributions and bitcoin. After the ICO's formal launch, investors will get their returns back.

What makes ICO marketing so crucial?

Making your ICO noticed by potential investors is not easy as the crypto market is getting more congested as each day progresses. However, marketing an ICO differs somewhat from selling regular services or products. To be clear, the success of your ICO is purely based on how you promote your ICO better than your competitors which can be achieved by winning ICO marketing strategies.

Best ICO marketing strategies

Your ICO project will have a better chance of success with the perfectly strategized ICO promotional techniques mentioned below:

Developing a well-written whitepaper
Creating an appealing website
Listing ICO on prominent sites
Conducting airdrop campaigns
Search engine optimization
Community management
Influencer marketing
Using paid ads
Social media marketing
Email marketing
Public relations
Affiliate marketing
Bounty programs

The need for an ICO marketing agency

Hope you got some insights about the ICO marketing procedure by seeing the strategies mentioned above.

Working with a reputable ICO marketing company appears to be the best action plan that works in favour of your ICO project and also helps your ICO to gain the attention of investors soon.

The firm's marketing masterminds provide end-to-end ICO marketing services to help startups promote their ICO through successful marketing campaigns and make them reach their fundraising targets soon.

Most marketing-related activities such as creating whitepapers, search engine optimization, and other tasks are expertly handled by ICO marketing agency professionals.

Since many ICO marketing agencies exist in the market, you need to do complete market research, which leads you towards the cryptocurrency marketing firm in the crowded market.