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Sex dolls are masculine products designed for adults. Using sex dolls is easy. I will show you how to have sex with sex dolls ( ).

Make love with sex dolls

Preventive measures before use

1. First, physical doll products are intended for adult men, so be careful not to display it in front of a minor.

2. There is also a product cleanliness problem. The legitimate physical doll brand is made from healthy and safe ingredients and will not cause damage during use, but even so, maintenance must be taken to maintain the health of the product.

Sex dolls

Prepare initial use

1. Sex dolls are adult sex toys that are simulated that can replace real people for sexual needs and are very popular among housewives. For people who use sex dolls for the first time or those who have just received them, they don't know much about how to use it. The following is a detailed step -by -step guide.

2. To remove sex dolls from the box, find space twice the size of the box, at least 100cm x 50cm. Packaging cartons should not be thrown. Store in a safe place because they will be needed later when you return it to the factory to repair the damaged part.

3. Remove the plastic sheet wrapped and check whether the sex doll has not been damaged during treatment.

4. For your health, the best is to wash the baby before use, take it to the bathroom and get rid of surface oil from the skin. To soften the body of a physical doll, the manufacturer injects oil into the silicon of a physical doll, which can also give an attractive physical aroma doll. In this way, over time, the surface of a solid doll becomes oily. Therefore, it is important for bathing once a week to remove oil from solid dolls.

5. After bathing, powder talkum, which is usually given by the seller, must be applied to the entire body of a solid doll. The aim is to remove solid doll oil and dirt from the body. Then rinse and clean the powder and dirt with a wet towel. Then, after the solid doll dries, apply the talkum powder again to keep the body dry and clean.

6. When sex doll hair has dried up, you can put a condom in the pubic area and apply some lubricants.

Having sex with sex dolls

1. Place the doll on a soft surface, such as a bed, sofa or carpet. Do not use it on the hard floor, which can be easily damaged.

2. If the doll has a warm -up function, you may need to plug it up and let the doll's body heat up to your body temperature to make sex more comfortable, but of course you can miss this step.

3. Place the doll in the position that you like, be careful not to exceed the frame limit used for the doll.

4. After use, you can clean your sex dolls by following this guide.

You can also get a guide on how to restore your TPE sex doll.

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