Blade Benching | 8′10′ | 2 x 2 | 20″H Glass - $2,859 obo



Blade facing four-person workstation in two footprints with three 20″H dry erase frosted glass privacy dividers. These dividers possess a removable clamp mount to provide seated privacy height giving the ability for partial privacy. The 20″H frosted glass writable surface wipes clean with a dry erase cloth. Contract office furniture quality. Pre-made and stocked for faster deadlines.

Choose either 24″D or 30″D as a preferred desk surface depth. A Blade 8′ footprint consists of four facing 48″W surfaces with two shared 47″W writable/dry erase Frosted Glass dividers. 10′ footprint is made of four facing 60″W surfaces with two shared 58″ writable/dry-erase Frosted Glass dividers. Each pod of four has one median writable glass divider in two sizes for a total of three Frosted screens.

$2,809.00 – $5,399.00
$2,859.00 or best offer